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Think You Don't Need Disability Insurance? Think Again!


It’s not easy to think about the possibility of becoming disabled, suffering a serious illness, or becoming incapacitated. We understand these are difficult topics, but even if you are young and healthy, it may be time to have an honest conversation about disability insurance. This type of insurance coverage can protect you and your family should the unexpected occur.

Disability insurance pays out when a person suffers a serious illness or injury outside of the workplace. As an employee, you are paying into the Social Security program, but the benefits paid through this government program are so minimal that you would be living at the poverty level if that was your only source of income. Your disability insurance policy fills that gap and allows you and your family to maintain your current quality of life at the level of income you are currently making.

Some employers offer group disability insurance, but this benefit is not as common as health insurance or even group life insurance. Look over your work benefits to find out what coverage you have through work. If you own a local business, you have the option of offering your employees disability coverage, and many of them will appreciate the ability to get this insurance through work. If you are an employee and your employer doesn’t offer this benefit, you can find out about the various private disability insurance programs available right here at our agency.

We are a local agency, and our team is easy to get in touch with. We are friendly and genuinely care about our clients–our goal is to establish long term relationships with our clients in the local area. We understand that the bottom line matters, and we do everything possible to find the best disability insurance coverage at the lowest cost. Ready to have the conversation? Call us today!

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...we highly appreciated.

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She helps with Medicare & health insurance for all ages!

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Alicia is a phenomenal insurance agent!

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